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The Spread Sunshine Gang is a non-profit with the mission to share goodness, kindness and generosity to the Twin Cities metro area and beyond. We do this by providing outlets for people to creatively give. Everyone needs more sunshine!

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Sunshine Always
by Nickie Kromminga Hill Before I begin, I want to be perfectly clear: I hate COVID-19. Full stop. But, I love the positive changes that are happening. My Facebook feed is FILLED with positive news stories, folks sharing their art, gorgeous photos of everyday life, silly memes to make each other laugh, and words of …

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The Platinum Rule
by TSSG founder and Executive Director, Nickie Kromminga Hill I grew up with The Golden Rule being hammered into my brain (not literally.) My family and my church made sure that I knew to “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” I’m grateful for this as I have lived a good …

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Tell Me Something Good
by Nickie Kromminga Hill A few months ago, I walked into work and asked my friends if anything good had happened in their day so far. No one had anything positive to share. When I pressed a little bit more just to make sure that they had heard me the response was, “Nope.” Not one …

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