Beer for good!

Hey, Gang!
A couple of updates before I get to the good stuff! (Beer.  Beer is the good stuff!)

1) Our next event is Saturday, May 12th! We will be joining our friends, This Life Rocks and Minneapolis Parks and Rec in their annual Earth Day Clean-up! We will meet at Loring Park in Minneapolis at 9:30am and then disperse around the park as needed.  More info is under “Events” and also on the pinned post on our Facebook page. 
2) Another May event is also posted under “Events”!
3) We’ve updated our website a bit…take a look around!

Ok, now onto the main event…BEER!

In the name of “research,” the hubster and I trekked on over to the brand new Finnegans Tap Room in Downtown Minneapolis! (  We first heard about Finnegans a few years ago and have been fans ever since.  Not only is their beer great, but all of their profits go to feeding hungry people right here in Minnesota.  That’s right…ALL. In addition to all of that, we have also volunteered at their Reverse Food Truck. (  Needless to say, we are HUGE fans of Finnegans!

The new Tap Room is beautiful!  There is an outdoor area that wasn’t open when we were there, and a great little space for performances as well. Although we preferred the 2 beers that we had already tried (Irish Amber and Dead Poet,) there were also 5 other beers on tap that day. 

Great vibe, great beer…all for good.  How can you top that? Make sure to check it out!

Do you know of other breweries/restaurants/stores in our area that we should be sure to check out and promote?  Let us know!

See you soon, Gang!


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