I have an app on my iPhone called, “Voxer.”  It’s essentially a walkie-talkie. It’s awesome, and at times frustrating. But mostly awesome.  Although I talk to many different people on it, I use it mostly to talk to my best friend, Christine. She gets to hear all of my thoughts.  She helps me process through this fantastic life. 

One day we were talking about SSG and what I wanted to happen with the group.  Throughout our voxes I realized, “If I’m all about The Spread Sunshine GANG, then why am insisting on doing it all on my own?” (There could be multiple blog postings on that topic alone, but let’s just leave it as-is for the moment.)  A gang doesn’t work with just one person.  It was time for me to share the wealth. 

I finally did it.  I asked for help! Last week I bit the bullet and asked some close friends if they wouldn’t mind helping me increase our social media presence.  They did NOT mind. In fact, they immediately jumped at the chance and now we are on a roll!  I’m re-inspired. This small group of people has way more ideas than I had on my own. What took me so long???

I’m excited for what’s to come. 

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Hi, I'm Nickie!  I like to spread sunshine. Although I am the founder of The Spread Sunshine Gang, I couldn't do it without a ton of help and support from people like you!