Happy New Year!

Good Morning on a sunny Saturday! I hope you’re well! The past year threw some unexpected curveballs, and SSG didn’t do as much as I’d have liked.  But..it’s a new year and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go! Many wonderful things are happening here in Spread Sunshine Land.  You may have noticed we’ve updated our website! We have also increased our social media presence and are now on Instagram and Twitter in addition to Facebook.  We are slowly embracing Pinterest as well! In addition to myself, Tim, Anni, Colleen, Sam and Jana are all posting for you weekly.  

Tim Sparks is on board to be our VP! He’s been a huge presence at SSG since it’s inception, and we are pumped to officially “have” him.  Tim and I met working in Live Entertainment at Valleyfair Amusement Park about a bajillion years ago! We have remained close friends ever since and life is so much better with him.

We have six events planned for you this year, more details to come! The first is Bundle Up, MN 2017! Donations are pouring in and distribution will occur on Sunday, January 29th. We are accepting donations until 1/27 so there is still time to donate, if interested. Shoot us an email and we will get you the donation address.

Our biggest news is that we’ve hired a Business Consultant! We are so excited to be working with Shannon Berns.  Shannon has some wonderful ideas to really get us going, with the end goal to be a Non-Profit. Although becoming a Non-Profit will take several years, we are confident that she can help us reach our goals! Plus…Shannon and I sing together in Chick Cheer, so she is a dear friend as well.

So…that is what’s up with us! How are you??  I hope you’re well.

Keep spreading sunshine!
Your friend, 

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