Leap and the net will appear…

I love a good quote, and this is one of my favorites, “Leap and the net will appear.” -John Burroughs.  Now, there are many times when I’ve leapt and the net did not, in fact, appear.  Actually, on second thought, the net has ALWAYS appeared.  However, it doesn’t always look like a net. Sometimes it looks like something else entirely.  “Leap and the net will appear,” is also very similar to another favorite quote, “Have Faith, Take Action,” author unknown.  Ah..but I digress, as per usual.  The point is…TSSG is leaping and we know the net will appear, in some fashion or another.

After three amazing events in July, an outpouring of support from our community, chats with the hubsters, a meeting with my partner-in-sunshine, Tim, and another meeting with our Business Consultant, Shannon, The Spread Sunshine Gang is going forward and taking the necessary steps to become a non-profit!!!  This will take some time, obviously, but…it’s going to happen!

Gang, I am so excited and so scared.  I’m excited because TSSG becoming a non-profit has always been a dream of mine, and is a natural step for a group like ours.  I’m scared because….well, of all the reasons a person might be scared of when running a non-profit.  However, I don’t want my fear to be my guide like it has been so many times in my past.  So we leap.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our Gang.  There are days that I don’t feel like being positive, or sharing uplifting info, or hosting an event. But then I think of YOU.  I think of Tim, Anni, Jana and Colleen, who post on Fbk for us weekly, simply because they want to.  I think of Paul who supports me and encourages me even though it means that our house usually has some kind of crazy TSSG project strewn about.  I think of Annie (The JOYbirds) and again Jana and Nika (This Life Rocks) who have started their own groups who inspire me to keep spreading sunshine. I think of Kara who runs “The Blanket Brigade” and continues to support TSSG at the same time. I think of Shannon who has far bigger clients and still loves to consult with TSSG. I think of Tim again, who is always saying, “Awesome! What’s next?” and then we sit and have a cocktail (naturally) and brainstorm away. I think of the families and individuals who continuously donate, come to events and keep asking what’s coming up…far too many to mention.  (How awesome is that?? There are TOO many people supporting us for me to mention.) I think of the people who have asked to help out, but I haven’t used them because there isn’t anything for them to do at the present moment.  I think of family that doesn’t even live here in Minnesota that are cheering me on and helping out when they can. I think of my Mom, no longer with us, who was a huge supporter since TSSG’s inception and how she would want nothing but goodness for our group.

And that is why we keep it up even when we don’t feel like it.  This is why we leap even when it is scary.

Because spreading sunshine is necessary. 

Thank you to ALL of you, mentioned or not.  Onward and upward!

With so much love, 

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