If I want to get The Spread Sunshine Gang off the ground, I need to promote it.  That is a very scary thing for me!  It means I have to follow through. It means I have to stay creative.  It means I can’t be lazy. It means I need to ask for help. And it also means I need to stop worrying about if I’m bothering other people.  Much to my chagrin, I worry too much about what other people think.  “Will they think I’m being pushy?”  “Will they get tired of me putting a positive spin on things?” I need to get over it!  

I think this is a great group.  Are there other groups like it? Sure!  But I don’t think  our world can ever have too many people trying to do good things!   By posting this blog, I hereby declare my commitment to move forward, to spread the word (and the sunshine!) to those who’d like to participate.   I vow to post more often, and not worry about cluttering anyone’s Facebook newsfeed!  I’m fired up, and hope you will join me!

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Hi, I'm Nickie!  I like to spread sunshine. Although I am the founder of The Spread Sunshine Gang, I couldn't do it without a ton of help and support from people like you!