Tell Me Something Good


by Nickie Kromminga Hill

A few months ago, I walked into work and asked my friends if anything good had happened in their day so far. No one had anything positive to share. When I pressed a little bit more just to make sure that they had heard me the response was, “Nope.” Not one person in a room of 13 had anything good happen in their day (or, maybe more accurately, no one was willing to share.)

This made me sad.

What was going on? Could it be true that 13 people really didn’t have anything good going on? Or, did we not want to seem like we were bragging so we keep our mouths shut? Why do we consistently share the negative, and have a difficult time sharing the positive?

Gang, I know that the world feels like it’s falling apart. I read the news. I’m on social media. I see what is going on and I feel it, too. And I think it’s important that we stay educated and well-informed, and the negative stuff is REAL, so we need to talk about it. I’m not saying that we should ignore the yuck. We need to talk about the horrible parts of life in order to process and heal and grow. What I’d like us to do is share the good with the bad. 

I want to hear about all the great things you’ve got going on in your lives! And I know you want to hear about the good too because when I share my fun stuff you are so HAPPY for me. And when we are happy for each other the entire energy of our space changes! You can actually feel the goodness.

So, please. Share your goodness.

Challenge issued.


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