Your donation is enough (and so are you)!


Look at you, Gang.

You’re doing it! You’re getting up every day, feeding the kids, making sure they’re wearing clothes or at least not completely naked in public, shoveling feet of snow, getting to work, responding to all or some of your inbox, making those dolla billz,  and maybe even leaving a bit of room for socializing.

YOU ARE KILLING IT, Gang!  Or, at the very least, you are not ruining it.

You are doing enough.  You are enough.

We’re proud of you.

And on the subject of enough, here’s another thing:

Your donation to us is enough.

Frequently we have people apologize to us for not donating enough money, supplies, time.  This is hogwash.  Hogwash, I say!

The $5 donation you’re apologizing for because it’s “such a small donation” makes 5 sandwiches. The 1 coat you donated keeps one person warm.  The 15 minutes you spent at our event before you had to take off was 15 minutes of time that you spent doing something for others. The fleece you donated for “only one” blanket means one person at the shelter has something of their own now.

A little can be a lot. Small gestures have a big impact.

Thank you for all the little and big things you do for us and for others.  It makes a huge difference.

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